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:: List of unpublished and accepted articles     ::
XML A shorter and simple approach to study fixed point results via b-simulation functions - Accepted in 2017/01/21
Gh. Soleimani Rad , S. Radenovic, D. Dolicanin-Dekic
XML A Submodule-Based Zero Divisors Graph for Modules - Accepted in 2017/01/12
Sh. Payrovi , S. Babaei, E. Sengelen Sevim
XML Linear resolutions of powers of generalized mixed product ideals - Accepted in 2017/02/6
A. Tehranian , R. Moghimipor
XML On (Semi-) Edge-primality of Graphs - Accepted in 2017/01/25
Wai-Chee Shiu, Gee-Choon Lau , Sin-Min Lee
XML On Graded Weakly Classical Prime Submodules - Accepted in 2017/03/1
Dr. Rashid Abu-Dawwas , Dr. Khaldoun Al-Zoubi
XML z_R-IDEALS AND z^0_R -IDEALS IN SUBRINGS OF R^X - Accepted in 2017/01/16
M. parsinia
XML A modified degenerate kernel method for the system of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind - Accepted in 2017/02/20
A. Molabahrami
XML Domination and Signed Domination Number of Cayley Graphs - Accepted in 2017/01/18
F. Ramezani , E. Vatandoost
XML Isotropic Constant Dimension Subspace Codes - Accepted in 2017/01/25
F. Bardestani , S. R. Adhami
Reza Mirzaie
XML Egoroff Theorem for Operator-Valued Measures in Locally Convex Cones - Accepted in 2016/07/9
D. Ayaseh , A. Ranjbari
XML Balanced Degree-Magic Labelings of Complete Bipartite Graphs under Binary Operations - Accepted in 2016/06/1
Ph. Inpoonjai , T. Jiarasuksakun
XML Vector space semi-Cayley graphs - Accepted in 2016/12/21
B. Tolue
XML $L_1$-Biharmonic Hypersurfaces in Euclidean Spaces with Three Distinct Principal Curvatures - Accepted in 2016/10/16
A. Mohammadpouri , F. Pashaie, S. Tajbakhsh
XML Szeged Dimension and $PI_v$ Dimension of Composite Graphs - Accepted in 2016/06/1
Y. Alizadeh
XML Existence Results for Generalized Epsilon-Vector Equilibrium Problems - Accepted in 2016/01/5
M. Abbasi, M. Rezaei
XML Some Algebraic and Combinatorial Properties of the Complete $T$-Partite Graphs - Accepted in 2016/06/11
S. M. Seyyedi, F. Rahmati
XML A New High Order Closed Newton-Cotes Trigonometrically-fitted Formulae for the Numerical Solution of the Schrodinger Equation - Accepted in 2016/04/30
A. Shokri , H. Saadat, A. R. Khodadadi
XML Serre Subcategories and Local Cohomology Modules with Respect to a pair of ideals - Accepted in 2017/01/18
F. Dehghani-Zadeh
XML Generalized Approximate Amenability of Direct Sum of Banach Algebras - Accepted in 2016/04/23
- H. Sadeghi
XML A Graphical Characterization for SPAP-Rings - Accepted in 2016/06/29
E. Rostami
XML THE e-THETA HOPES - Accepted in 2016/01/5
R. Mahjoob
XML On Open Packing Number of Graphs - Accepted in 2016/05/2
I. Sahul Hamid, S. Saravanakumar
XML Sufficient Inequalities for Univalent Functions - Accepted in 2016/04/19
R. Kargar , A. Ebadian, J. Sokol
XML On the Notion of Fuzzy Shadowing Property - Accepted in 2016/06/28
M. Fatehi Nia
XML Order Almost Dunford-Pettis Operators on Banach Lattices - Accepted in 2016/01/12
H. Ardakani , S. M. S. Modarres Mosadegh
XML On the $s^{th}$ Derivative of a Polynomial-II - Accepted in 2016/01/20
B. Dar , A. Mir
XML An Interior Point Algorithm for Solving Convex Quadratic Semidefinite Optimization Problems Using a New Kernel Function - Accepted in 2016/07/11
M. R. Peyghami , S. Fathi Hafshejani
XML Graph Convergence for H(.,.)-co-Accretive Mapping with over-Relaxed Proximal Point Method for Solving a Generalized Variational Inclusion Problem - Accepted in 2015/10/8
R. Ahmad , M. Rahaman, H. A. Rizvi
XML Common Zero Points of Two Finite Families of Maximal Monotone Operators via Proximal Point Algorithms - Accepted in 2016/09/6
M. Alimohammady, M. Ramazannejad , Z. Bagheri, R. J. Shahkoohi
XML A Numerical Method For Solving Ricatti Differential Equations - Accepted in 2016/11/6
M. Masjed-Jamei
XML A third-degree B-spline collocation scheme for solving a class of the nonlinear Lane–-Emden type equations - Accepted in 2017/01/3
A. R. Nazemi , Z. Parsaeitabar
XML On Twin-Good Rings - Accepted in 2015/04/28
N. Ashrafi , N. Pouyan
XML The Non Unit Graph of a Unite Commutative Ring - Accepted in 2015/10/10
A. R. Naghipour
XML On Lorentzian two-Symmetric Manifolds of Dimension-fou‎r - Accepted in 2015/05/10
A. Zaeim , M. Chaichi, Y. Keshavarzi
XML Some families of graphs whose domination polynomials are unimodal - Accepted in 2017/01/2
S. Alikhani , S. Jahari
XML Integrating Differential Evolution Algorithm with Modified Hybrid GA for Solving Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems - Accepted in 2015/05/24
S. Nezhadhosein , A. Heydari, R. Ghanbari
XML A Note on Twists of (y^2=x^3+1) - Accepted in 2015/05/6
F. Izadi, A. Shamsi Zargar
XML On Prime and Semiprime Ideals in Ordered AG-Groupoids - Accepted in 2016/11/6
P. Yiarayong
XML Modeling dynamic production systems with network structure - Accepted in 2016/11/13
Fereshteh Koushki
نشریه علوم ریاضی و انفورماتیک Iranian Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Informatics
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