Volume 10, Issue 1 (4-2015)                   IJMSI 2015, 10(1): 23-43 | Back to browse issues page

DOI: 10.7508/ijmsi.2015.01.003

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Let $G$ be a finite group and $pi_{e}(G)$ be the set of orders of all elements in $G$. The set $pi_{e}(G)$ determines the prime graph (or Grunberg-Kegel graph) $Gamma(G)$ whose vertex set is $pi(G)$, the set of primes dividing the order of $G$, and two vertices $p$ and $q$ are adjacent if and only if $pqinpi_{e}(G)$. The degree $deg(p)$ of a vertex $pin pi(G)$, is the number of edges incident on $p$. Let $pi(G)={p_{1},p_{2},...,p_{k}}$ with $p_{1}
Type of Study: Research paper | Subject: Special